Richard Pottas, watercolour artist, was born in 1951. He studied at Birmingham College of Art and Design, gaining an honours degree in Fine Art Painting and Art History. While studying he had his first work exhibited at the ICA in 1970 and won a major award in the Midland Open Painting Show of 1971.

Graduating in 1972, he continued to create and exhibit his own paintings at the same time as developing his career as an educator through art. In 2006 he stood down as Faculty Leader in Art and Design to become a full-time artist.

Working from his studio in Whitby, North Yorkshire, Richard Pottas produces paintings in a very individual style, investigating layering found in aspects of nature, particularly within plants and flowers. He is bold in his handling of bright colour and often uses creative edges. Pottas also at times 'flirts' with aspects of Japanese art and Matisse, incorporating geometric shapes as a contrast to his highly decorative, free-flowing forms, creating a sense of static movement.

The medium of watercolour used with latex resist has become his trademark. He is currently investigating two linked areas: interpreting the intricate layering effects found in vegetation and responding to the heat of the Languedoc Region of the South of France, which he visits every year.

His paintings can be viewed in his studio by appointment.